The Couple Next door


There is a couple that lives in the bed-sitter right next to mine. They are a regular couple in more ways than one and there would be no reason for me to notice them except the aromas that waft from their house always manage to find my nostrils. The cockroaches in my house have also acknowledged this through their exodus from my hospitality. This again would not be an issue except it not only shows that there is no treasure in my trash but also belittles my kindness to animals efforts given I am a trained environmentalist.

They are a young couple, which goes to say I am slightly older by half a decade or so. They remind me of my late teens when I was made of rubber and magic, when the validity of my dreams knew no bounds. The girl in the relationship is a tall girl of about 5’ 7’’ who wears a smile that tells you she has not yet had her heart broken. She is pleasant although the skimpy shorts she wears leave little to imagination. And imagination is good, for the male mind in the village I raised from. Her boyfriend however, is of a skinny frame. A matchstick man of sorts, the type that would need to carry weights in their pocket if they lived in tornado prone areas. This strikes me odd since from my standpoint I do not see what a girl like his would be doing with a guy like him. This is college though; my prejudices are a candle in the sun.

They always wake up a good hour before dawn to make love, just like I do…only I live alone. The rhythmic banging of their headboard against the wall is evidence to their youth and this also drives me insane. Quite frankly, I do not like this couple at all, despite the fact that they never seem to tire of my visits to borrow their mop. Yet this is not new, it is normal human nature. I realized we all hate on people who have what we cannot have. It dawned on me too why middle aged folks hate on 20 and 30 year olds. It gave me a first-hand experience on how easy it is for we the youth to be insensitive to the plight of middle aged folks.

For instance, it makes perfect sense why every motorist I overtake on the highway gives me that look when I zoom past them in my rented Toyota Probox. The salty looks I get from women my mother’s age when they see me add 200 shilling Durex condoms onto my shopping basket. It is a look borne of lost contours, added weight, problems associated with age generally. We deserve their wrath because we sleep less, look better and have more sex. Thus, it would behoove people of yore (like you and me) to treat older folks better for this is where we are headed.


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